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iPhone ownership hits 40% in US Teens


It’s time for Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster to break the news on Apple‘s dominance of the market once again, this time showing a report of 7,700 teenagers in the USA working with the iPhone in massive amounts. The survey showed that this most recent period of study showed iPhone use up 6% over the last time it was conducted, that being 6 months ago. At the moment, it appears that a whopping 40% of teens in the USA own at least one iPhone.

This study’s results from the Spring of 2012 showed 34% of respondents saying they owned an iPhone, the same number of respondents saying they owned a tablet of one sort or another. Regardless of if they had a tablet at the time of questioning or not, 19% of these US-based teens said they’d planned on buying a tablet (or a different tablet than the one they owned) within the next 6 months (that being the period we’ve just completed now).

This number jumped to 20% in this most recent time period (Fall 2012). The amount of responses for owning a tablet at the time of the survey jumped significantly upward to 44%. That includes all tablets of all types, including the possibility of Android, BlackBerry, and Windows, amongst other operating systems backing their unit up.

A whopping 72% of US teens who owned tablets here in this most recent study said they owned an Apple iPad of one generation or another. Of the 20% of those respondents that said they planned on purchasing a tablet in the next 6 months here in the Fall of 2012, 74% said they’d be buying an iPad specifically.

The amount of teens responding that they do not currently have a tablet was roughly 35%, this leaving a gap of about 20% of the total sample that either did not know if they owned a tablet or simply did not answer the question. The iPad mini was also included in this study even though it does not yet exist – the question regarding that specifically, of course.

The group of respondents that said they’d planned on buying a tablet in the next 6 months was also asked if they’d be more likely to buy an iPad if Apple were to launch a smaller device [as shown above] for $299. Of those asked 43% said yes, they’d go for that value proposition. Now we must see if the iPhone ownership numbers roll up on the iPad once the smaller version exists – we shall see soon!

[via Piper Jaffray; via Mac Rumors]

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