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iPhone holographic display created with prism crystal


A Japanese man posted a YouTube video showing a real hologram created using a prism crystal, bits of cardboard, and his iPhone. The video shows a holographic Siri dancing around inside the prism, which can be viewed from different perspectives as the camera moves around the prism. The best part? The setup is so simple, you can make one yourself using your own smartphone.

According to the YouTube video description, the setup involves a -3.75 index prism crystal, which is placed on a flat surface with small cardboard stands around it. The phone – an iPhone 4s, to be precise – is placed on the cardboard stands so that screen hovers directly above the point of the prism. When the phone is turned on, the image is displayed within the prism as a three-dimensional hologram. You can watch it in action via the video below.

A quick search on YouTube for “iPhone hologram” reveals a variety of videos, most of which are actually wall projections or concept videos. In this case, however, the hologram is real, and is made the same way the giant holographic display was at CES 2011. In case you’re feeling inspired, you can get your own prism crystal online and from some science shops.

Holograms are a novelty now, but are moving into the mainstream, particularly after the Tupac hologram that grabbed nationwide attention. The Tupac hologram was created using projection technology from AV Concepts, while the hologram model was created by Digital Domain. As holograms become more popular, and with the utter simplicity of the model created above, it wouldn’t be surprising if one day in the near future you’ll able to buy a pre-made little hologram cube for your own smartphone.

[via 3d Geeks]

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