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iPhone 5 Moshi cases rain down like jewels


In a world inundated with iPhone cases of all shapes and sizes, terrible and mediocre, Moshi comes clean with a fashion-oriented collection that adds to their already-powerful set of protectors for legacy iOS devices. What we’ve got here is the Origo and the iGlaze, the second piece being part of the iGlaze collection we’ve had a look before on both the MacBook Air and the iPad 3. The Origo is a honeycomb silicone case that offers shock absorption like no other.

With the Origo you’ve got a dual-tone case that absorbs shock with a design that’s inspired by none other than Mother Nature. Without adding bulk, the honeycomb design here makes for a protectant that you’ll be able to trust – complete with hybrid injection silicone for the bounce that you’d normally be terrified of. This case includes a backside buffer film for additional protection against scratches as well.

The Origo is made with a specialized coating that Moshi promises will minimize lint and hair buildup while it offers extra grip – that’s rare. This case will run you $25 USD and is available in black and white – fun stuff!

The iGlaze is what Moshi calls “understated protection” in that it accentuates the look of the iPhone 5, shielding it without knocking out the Apple-perfected design of the device. Just like the Origo, all of the buttons and ports on the device are perfectly accessible with functionality unaffected by the case. This case also includes a backside buffer film for added scratch protection and the whole package will run you $30 USD. This case comes in black, white, red, blue, purple, pink, beige and clear/XT – the last one is our favorite!

UPDATE: We’ve now got a few hands-on photos with the iGlaze in Silver – hot stuff!


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