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iPad mini gets last-minute fondle before main event

We’re just moments away from the start of Apple‘s special event where it’s heavily-rumored that the company will announce the iPad mini, along with some other goodies as well. However, the rumors and leaks have yet to slow up, as we’ve just feasted our own eye balls on a video that shows the iPad mini in all its miniature glory.

Posted up by ETrade Supply, the video shows the iPad mini next to the regular 9.7-inch iPad, which definitely gives us a solid size comparison between the two devices. The person in the video guides us through the exterior of the iPad mini, but sadly, we don’t get to see the device power on despite what the title of video implies.

On the top of the iPad mini there’s the power/standby button on the right, with a 3.5mm headphone jack on the opposite end. On the right side of the device you’ll find the volume buttons, as well as the ringer/silent switch. The left side has nothing, and the bottom has the Lightning connector and speakers. And of course, on the back we have the rear-facing camera.

What’s probably the biggest surprise according to the video is the device he is holding doesn’t appear to have a front-facing camera. We’re not sure if its just a prototype that the person has in his hands, but we’re seriously hoping the real thing has a front-facing camera. In either case, we’ll know shortly what Apple has in stock for the iPad mini. Stay tuned into our Apple hub for the latest news!

[via Cult of Mac]

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