Sunday, July 21, 2024

iBooks app updated with Continuous Scrolling


With the update of the Apple universe comes the push for apps that keep the Apple ecosystem strong, thus the event today came running with 1.5 million books on the iBooks book store. This update from Tim Cook came in with 400 million downloads from the iBooks book store. These numbers came with a brand new update for iBooks that starts in with Continuous Scrolling, iCloud, and new sharing abilities.

Facebook and Twitter have been integrated into iBooks here with this newest version of iBooks, as are several new languages. Korean, Chinese, and Japanese have been added to the iBooks family of books, all of them working in a free download available in the App Store right this minute. This is a pre-cursor to the iPad mini, we must expect, as its perfect book-sized shape will lend itself to the new version.

If you’re ready to take on the new version of iBooks, you can head to the iTunes app store right this minute and download away. The full update includes a new wave of books added in several countries – noted earlier this week – and we’re expecting the line to expand through the week. Stay tuned to this big Apple event throughout the day for more updates to the whole Apple family!

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