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Huawei claims US committee was “committed to a predetermined outcome”


In a quickfire response back to accusations that Huawei and ZTE were less than desirable when it came to international companies bringing technology to the USA, the latter company has made it clear that they couldn’t disagree more with the US commission’s message. In an extended note from Huawei, they begin by saying that “despite our best effort, the Committee appears to have been committed to a predetermined outcome.” Huawei is not pleased with what the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has done to their image, needless to say.

What we’re seeing here is Huawei’s assertion that they’re not to be feared, and better yet, that they’ve got a track record that backs them up around the world. “We had hoped to ensure that the investigation would be fact-based and objective in its review of our business activities and the global issue of cyber-security,” noted the company, continuing on with a massive list of how they complied with the committee over the past year.

“Over the past 11 months, Huawei has cooperated with the Committee in an open and transparent manner, and engaged in good faith interaction: our top management team carried out multiple rounds of face-to-face communication with the Committee members in Washington D.C., Hong Kong, and Shenzhen; we opened our R&D area, training center, and manufacturing center to the Committee and offered a wealth of documentation, including the list of members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board over the past 10 years, and the annual sales data since our establishment in 1987; we also made the list of our shareholding employees, the shares they hold, as well as information about our funding resources and financial operations available to the Committee. We adopted a transparent approach in providing this information to ensure the results are fact-based and unbiased, hoping the Committee’s objective review of our business activities and the global cyber security issue can clarify the misperception of Huawei.” – Huawei

The massive Statement Regarding HPSCI’s Report from Huawei makes its point clear in the flat out statement in its center:

“We have to suspect that the only purpose of such a report is to impede competition and obstruct Chinese ICT companies from entering the US market.” – Huawei

The final word Huawei presents is one of calm delivery and assurances that they’re not the bad guy. With a government institution coming down on your head with warnings for their entire country not to use your products, it’s difficult to know what kind of message you’ll be successful with. Huawei makes it clear that they just want to be friends.

“The United States has become the world’s largest economic entity in a short period of time due in large part to the open policy it has been implementing over the past 200 years. We believe that the United States will continue with this spirit. Huawei is no different from any start-up enterprises in Silicon Valley, and our growth and development relies very much on our entrepreneurial spirit, the commitment and hard work of our employees, as well as our unwavering dedication to innovation. Moving forward, we will continue to do the best we can to provide our customers with safe, convenient, and equal access to information and communications services.”

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