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HTC reportedly shifting away from Samsung to other suppliers


HTC is reportedly shifting away from relying too heavily on Samsung for its smartphone components. This move comes after Apple began spreading its component orders across multiple suppliers as a way to reduce the risks associated with relying too heavily on a single entity. Presumably, HTC has followed suit for the same reasons.

Rumor has it that HTC has begun ordering the CMOS sensors for its smartphone cameras from OmniVision and Sony instead of Samsung, and is now ordering part of its AMOLED orders from AU Optronics. According to sources, HTC is still ordering part of its AMOLED components from Samsung due to concerns about production volume. Presently, Samsung is one of the biggest suppliers of important electronic components.

This information comes after reports last month stating that Apple had dropped Samsung as the supplier of its DRAM and NAND components for the upcoming iPhone 5. Later on, it was reported that Apple would continue ordering a portion of its memory module needs from Samsung, but that it would get the rest from a variety of other suppliers, including Toshiba. According to a Reuters’ source, this move is entirely based on a need for Apple to diversify its suppliers, not due to patent spats currently happening between the two companies.

HTC has not made a statement about its alleged reduction of orders from Samsung. The company has suffered revenue losses again in Q3 of 2012, with its overall revenue being half of what it was this time last year. With the array of higher-end Windows 8 and Android smartphones that HTC plans to launch in the coming months, the company may be able to pull out of its slump.

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