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Google launches Play Store seller support in India


In 2012, Android device usage in India has increased over 400 percent, resulting in millions of new users and “huge increases in app downloads” via the Play Store, according to Google’s Android blog. India now holds the title of the fourth largest market for app downloads. In response, Google has launched Play seller support in India.

Developers in India can now sell apps, subscriptions, and in-app products. Payments will be issued monthly to local bank accounts, according to the announcement. This opens the doors for Indian developers to monetize their work, and for local businesses to take advantage of the Play Store marketplace.

As of today, developers in India can utilize seller support via their Developer Console account. After signing in, developers will then need to create a Google Checkout merchant account, after which new apps can be published as paid products. For those who already have apps in the Play Store, a subscription or in-app product can be added for monetization.

The apps can be priced “in any available currencies,” with payments and financial reports being provided in the local currency. In addition to the new seller support, Google has also added buyer’s currency support for developers in India. This allows apps to be sold in multiple currencies, such as Rupees and USD, for example.

[via Android Developers]

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