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Boxee Box user support ends entirely


If you’re an owner of the Boxee Box, originally launched back in November of 2010 and distributed up until today, the announcement this morning from the creators of this lovely bit of technology isn’t going to be your most welcome update. In introducing the Boxee TV, a machine that links together Live TV, Internet Apps, and Cloud DVR, the team has let it be known that the original Boxee Box is done for. With a single software update to bring about a better working Flash player and a selection of bug fixes, the Boxee Box will officially go into maintenance mode.

This doesn’t mean that the Boxee Box will not have any more software updates at all, as bug fixes will continue here and there, but you shouldn’t expect any “major updates” from the company as they move to the Boxee TV. With the Boxee team’s partnership with D-Link praised here in 2012 and the original November 2010 launch date now called a milestone, the Boxee TV will now take over the major bit of attention over at the Boxee business.

“Our small team has poured our hearts and souls into the Boxee Box and it has been great to meet users from all over the globe. Some loved it, some wanted more features, others complained, but everyone was passionate.  We hope you have enjoyed it and will continue to use it in your living rooms, dens, bedrooms or wherever else you set it up (I met one guy who installed it in his yacht!). If you are living in the US, we would love for you to continue our journey with us and order Boxee TV when it comes out.” – Avner Ronen, Boxee

The new Boxee TV is a device that’s made with a brand new chipset coming from Broadcom, software that’s been written “from the ground up”, and support through the future from the Boxee team. Of course you never know, support could be done in just a couple of years. By that time you’ll be on the next machine anyway though, right?

Have a peek at our short collection of Boxee updates in the timeline below and let us know how you feel about this news of discontinuation of Boxee Box support. If you own a Boxee Box now, will you buy a Boxee TV in the near future?

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