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Battlefield 3: Aftermath hits PS3 on November 27


Ready for more Battlefield 3 DLC? Electronic Arts shared more details about the game’s upcoming expansion, Aftermath, with Joystiq today, along with a brand new trailer that gives us a brief look at what to expect. Most importantly, Aftermath adds a new game mode, and this one sounds quite a bit different from the game modes that have been introduced in the past.

The name of the new mode is Scavenger. Since Aftermath takes place in a post-earthquake Iran, Scavenger sticks with the overall theme, starting players with only a knife, a sidearm, and a single grenade. You’ll need to quickly find better weapons if you want to stand a chance at beating the other players in the game, a mechanic that should make for some incredibly tense match-ups.

Of course, there’s more to Aftermath than just Scavenger mode. The DLC adds a bunch of new stuff, including four new maps (the Epicenter and Markaz Monolith maps were named to Joystiq), three new vehicles, a total of ten new assignments, and the all new crossbow weapon. Crossbows seem to be popping up a lot in games lately, don’t they?

Battlefield 3: Aftermath will become available to PS3 Premium subscribers on November 27. On December 4, Aftermath heads to Xbox 360 and PC Premium players, launching for regular PS3 players a week after that on December 11. Finally, the rest of the Xbox 360 and PC players will get Aftermath on December 18, nearly a month after PS3 Premium subscribers get it. Are you picking up Aftermath when it releases next month?

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