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AT&T LG Optimus G hands-on with quad-core gaming


It’s time to take a peek at the LG Optimus G as it runs on AT&T’s 4G LTE network and busts out with the majorly powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor on a set of three lovely games. The first game we’re taking a peek at is Wild Blood, a hack-and-slash monster-slaying 3rd-person adventure from Gameloft. Gameloft also presents the second game we’re having a peek at, that being Asphalt 7, a racing game with lots and lots of drifting. Then it’s time for a glu-developed game by the name of Indestructible – one car destroys another with chain guns, missiles, and many, many bombs.

With Wild Blood you’ll see the Snapdragon S4 Pro working to keep you on the run between cut-scenes and actual massacring of monsters in no time at all – you’ve got lovely special moves and bashing on your side as well. This game takes a bit of time to load when you first fire it up, otherwise there’s nothing to complain about in the least here on the LG Optimus G. Expect to be waiting a bit longer on devices with only a single core, and for multi-core devices you’ll still want to make sure you’re not pushing any other tasks at the same time – here with the S4 Pro we’ve got no concerns.

Next have a peek at Asphalt 7, a game that if you’re not used to dragging your tail end whilst racing you’ll have a difficult time not crashing into walls with. When you’re playing this game outside an optimized-for-gaming environment, you’ve got definite lag in graphics. Inside the LG Optimus G, everything is smooth as butter.

Finally there’s the many-independent-minds game that is Indestructible. Here we’ve got a Twisted Metal vibe going on with more little vehicles than you’re going to be able to handle. With so many bots coming at you with minds all their own, it’s only your ultra-powerful processor that’s keeping everything working so smoothly.

Stay tuned for more LG Optimus G action as we complete our review this week – the device goes on pre-order for $199 starting tomorrow with AT&T. Will you be picking one up right out of the gate? If you’ve got one whole heck of a lot of questions, be sure to let us know what you need to know in the comments section below! We’ll do our best to answer all queries!

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