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Amazon posts disclaimer on Kindle Paperwhite limitations


Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite has proven to be a hit amongst avid ebook readers. The improved contrast and the front-lit display are one of the device’s best features, but it doesn’t come without its quirks. Amazon issued a disclaimer today that addresses some of the drawbacks of the Kindle Paperwhite, and aims to inform potential buyers about the product.

One caveat Amazon mentions is the lack of audio or Text-to-Speech on the Paperwhite. The feature can be found on the Kindle Fire series, but in order to make the Paperwhite as small and light as possible, Amazon was forced to leave out the audio features for now. Maybe we’ll see them in the Paperwhite 2?

A lot of users have also been complaining about the uneven lighting from the LED front light, where the display would seem darker towards the bottom than at the top. However, Amazon says this is normal and that the illumination is better than a normal book light anyway. We’d have to agree there, since the Paperwhite’s lighting is certainly better and more convenient than any fancy book light around.

Amazon also brought up the limitation of only 2GB of storage in the Kindle Paperwhite, as opposed to other Kindle models that had 4GB. The company actually didn’t explain why they limited the storage to 2GB, but they noted that it’s enough to hold over 1,000 books. Plus, users also have free cloud storage that they can use.

However, users don’t really need to be worried if they’re thinking about buying a Kindle Paperwhite. They sold out fast, and it seems a majority of customers are seeing the Paperwhite as a huge step up from previous Kindle generations, so if you’re in the market for a new ereader, the Paperwhite may be a good option for you.

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