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32GB Surface models “temporarily sold out” on Microsoft’s UK store


Microsoft‘s new Surface tablet might have its share of dissenters, but apparently very few of them live in the UK. Earlier today, ZDNet reported that the 32GB Surface without the Touch Cover – Microsoft’s cheapest Surface model – had sold out in the UK. In the time since that report went live, the 32GB Surface with the Touch Cover has sold out as well. Pretty impressive for a tablet that’s only been up for pre-order for six days.

Those shopping at Microsoft’s online store in the UK now only have one option: the 64GB model with the Touch Cover, which comes in a pretty hefty £559. By comparison, the asking price for the 32GB Surface without the Touch Cover is £399, while the addition of the Touch Cover brings that price up to £479. Perhaps consumers just opted for the cheaper versions of the tablet instead of going all-out on the most expensive one?

Then again, it could be that Microsoft simply had fewer 32GB models produced, expecting the 64GB Surface to be the one that pulled in the lion’s share of attention. In any case, 32GB Surface tablets are no longer available at Microsoft’s UK online store, so prepare to wait a while if you want to snag one. At the moment, we don’t know how much longer it will be until 32GB models are back in stock, but if Surface truly is hitting a homerun with UK consumers, it might be quite some time.

Whatever the reason behind the shortage, you can bet that it has Microsoft happy today. The company is taking a pretty big leap by jumping into the tablet market, so to see Surface doing so well with UK consumers has to be encouraging. Keep it tuned here to SlashGear, as we’ll let you know once 32GB Surface models are listed as in stock on Microsoft’s UK store.

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