Dyzplastic has given us another two Android collectible figures to look forward to ahead of their September 24 release.  Today see us learning of Clear, the transparent Android that also houses a small Android keychain.  Also coming in Series 3 is a model with one solid color which happens to be a very distinct shade of red (think Google).  According to Dyzplastic, the new series is set to arrive in less than a week and will be available online and in various retail outlets.

Clearly something is special about this Android. Pop off his head and you have yourself a micro Android!  This little guy has a built-in keychain attachment and features an articulated head and arms, and legs that move enough to let him sit up unaided. 2 for 1, can’t go wrong! 1/16 ratio.

Continuing the solid color tradition, series 03 has us seeing a very specific shade of red! Are you sensing a color pattern yet? Hmmmm.. Red comes in a 2/16 ratio.

Have you seen the other models from Series 3?

  • 8-Ball Hustler
  • Nexus
  • Escape Ape
  • Barista Bot
  • Intergalactic
  • Cry-On


Dyzplastic debuts Clear and Red collectible figures ahead of Sept 24 launch was written by the way cool dudes at AndroidGuys. Follow at Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube!

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