According to Stat Counter, Microsoft’s browser has officially fallen below the 50 percent market share mark to 49.87 percent. Firefox holds relatively strong at 31.5 percent and Chrome is soaring with 11.54 percent having only launched just over 2 years ago.

In Europe, IE market share has fallen to 40.26% in September this year from 46.44% in September last year. While in North America IE is still above 50% at 52.3% followed by Firefox at 27.21% and Chrome at 9.87%. The rise of Google Chrome in North America has also been impressive and in June it overtook Safari for the first time.

Expectedly it’s the geeks and early adopters that appear to be driving Chrome’s growth. One reader highlights that fact by revealing that out of 55,000 visitors to his site from Hacker News (an entrepreneurial/early adopter community), only 1.13 percent were using Internet Explorer.